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Beauty and pampering from fingertips to toes. Our Champagne Nail Parlour is a treasure trove for those who love to be treated with a glass of fizz in hand. It doesn’t get better than this.

Gelish for Glossy Nail Strength

Sometimes your nails need a little extra help to keep the perfect colour and shine. The Gelish nail system gives you glossy nails that last for ages.

Gelish Foundation Gel has adhesive properties that attract it to the keratin in the nail, acting as a two-sided tape to adhere the polish to the nail itself.

Whether you go for something glam and jazzy or keep things elegantly simple, your Gelish manicure won’t chip or fade away.

Price £55 (60 mins)

Marvellous Manicure or Pedicure

Express Manicure
Lavish your hands with vitamin-infused cream of green tea – a simple classic manicure using innovative products that require no soaking.
Price £35 (30 mins with polish)

Express Pedicure
A pedicure with dreamy foot creams and a hard skin remover that needs no soaking – finished with a perfect toe polish.
Price £45 (45 mins with polish)

Protection Pedicure

A deeply-moisturising pedicure to soften dry, cracked skin. Marine salts soften soles, oils effectively re-hydrate and revitalise, and a soothing massage re-energises tired feet. The finishing touch? An expertly applied Jessica Nails polish.

Price: £45 without polish (45 mins), or £55 with polish (60 mins)


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