A brand new intimate dining experience where our chefs unleash their cutting-edge culinary skills.

MO showcases creative cooking, unexpected ingredients, forward-thinking culinary techniques, and just a hint of food theatre, MO, a chefs table style experience, offers a unique, interactive 8-course tasting-menu experience to just 12 guests at a time (booked either individually or as a group with everyone sitting down at 7.30pm). Here too, sustainability and seasonality will be centre-stage, and each dish will give a starring role to whichever ingredients are at their best.

We want all of our guests to enjoy MO and its unique dining experience without having to worry about little eyes and ears, therefore, we ask that it’s an adults only affair.


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Our opening times

MO is open Wednesday – Sunday evenings for dinner and places can be booked individually or as a group of 12.

All guests are to be seated for dinner at 7.30pm.

MO is a personal and intimate tasting-menu experience whereby our chefs unleash their cutting-edge culinary skills and offers a warm, interactive experience, taking guests on a journey through eight exquisitely prepared courses, served with a flourish of theatre and a side order of ingredient insight shared by MO’s ever-curious team. The menu is shaped by the season, rapidly adapting to include ingredients as soon as they’re at their best – and not for any longer. Never showy for the sake of it, MO offers substance with style, drawing on a variety of forward-thinking techniques, tools and cooking methods to bring a touch of spectacle and sensation to the table.